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While number 3 ranked Clemson was on the sports pages a lot leading up to the Tigers’ opening game versus the Tigers (of Auburn University), Clemson also made the headlines at the end of August when a man with two chairs and a “PRAYER” sign was told that he needed to move to a “free speech” designated zone.  The State newspaper reported the event this way.  The Wall Street Journal also reported on the confrontation.  A group of students decided to protest the limitation the University put on free speech at a “weroar” rally (remember, the Clemson mascot is a tiger) which the University newspaper The Tiger reported on.  The question of College/University “free speech” zones and “safe” zones has been much in the news – but what should the Christian response to these “zones” be?  Richard Phillips, Senior Pastor at Second Presbyterian Church in Greenville, SC and the chairman of the Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology, wrote a short piece that asks the question, “Should Christians Roar?” in response to the protest at Clemson.  He asks some good questions to get us thinking about these campus restrictions and the appropriate Christian reaction.

There are few folks among American Christians who are not at least somewhat familiar with the poem Footprints.  How many times have we seen a poster picturing two sets of footprints along an ocean shore, which suddenly become just a single set, as the backdrop for the words of this poem.  But where do these words, beloved by many, come from?  Justin Taylor asks the same question and arrives at an interesting answer.

Theological Musings

Here’s a follow-up to the previous link to Sproul’s answer to “Can the Devil Read my Mind?”  This posting is a couple of years old, but based on the movies at the theater or on TV it still is important:  Are We Too Concerned with Demons?

For Those Living on the Grand Strand

We have the opportunity to hear Dr. Albert Mohler live and in person (and free) on September 23rd at 12:15 PM a the Myrtle Beach Convention Center.  He is presenting the closing session of for the Southeast Christian School Convention and it is open to the public.

I, T-P & A

I never knew there was so much to the word “you” — or is it “y’all” or “yins”?


Theologian Wayne Gruden breaks down how the Bible uses the phrase “The Word of God” and offers you a free study course that sounds quite excellent (for the next few days only).