Some followups to 9/11’s The Sunday Sermon:

First-probably the best known of the hymns written by Francis Scott Key:

Lord, With Glowing Heart I’d Praise Thee
Francis Scott Key – 1823
(May be sung to the tune of “Love Divine, All Loves Excelling”)

Lord, with glowing heart I’d praise thee
For the bliss Thy love bestows,
For the pardoning grace that saves me,
And the peace that from it flows.
Help, O God, my weak endeavor;
This dull soul to rapture raise;
Thou must light the flame, or never
Can my love be warmed to praise.

Praise, my soul, the God that sought thee,
Wretched wanderer, far astray;
Found thee lost, and kindly brought thee
From the paths of death away;
Praise, with love’s devoutest feeling,
Him who saw thy guilt-born fear,
And, the light of hope revealing,
Bade the blood-stained cross appear.

Lord, this bosom’s ardent feeling
Vainly would my lips express;
Low before Thy footstool kneeling,
Deign Thy supplicant’s prayer to bless;
Let Thy grace, my soul’s chief treasure,
Love’s pure flame within me raise;
And, since words can never measure,
Let my life show forth Thy praise.

Next:  You may remember from The Sunday Sermon how Key wrote the Star Spangled Banner while being head captive aboard the HMS Surprise during the bombardment of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.  One of the ships that took part in that attack was the HMS Terror (an apt name!).  Yesterday the DailyMail website carried the story of the discovery of the HMS Terror earlier this month in nearly 80 feet of water, sunk off King William Island (Canada) in the Arctic Circle.  Well worth a look.

Finally:  Most of us have heard the account of the discovery of two steel beams found at Ground Zero in the shape of a cross.  But I had never heard the account of the Bible also found at Ground Zero – fused to a piece of heart-shaped steel — its pages forever open to a passage from Matthew 5.  Watch the video to see which verse is at the center of the page.

The louder Satan roars, the more proof you shall have of Christ’s love.  –C.H. Spurgeon