Follow Up to Yesterday’s Sunday Sermon

In yesterday’s post we looked at II Kings 5 and the account that tells us about the healing of the Syrian General Naaman when he follows God’s instructions as given to him through the prophet Elisha.  J.D. Greear recently used that same passage but instead of focusing on Elisha’s servant Gehazi, he looks more closely at the anonymous Israeli slave girl who lives in the General’s house.  Greear asks the question “What is God doing in my pain?” of both the slave girl’s life and the life of General Naaman. As he applies this passage to our lives he asks:  What if God is trying to say that to you in your pain? What if that big problem in your life was put there, by God, to wake you up? You think what you need most is the resolution to your painful situation. But what if God, in your pain, had something for you that is even better than a cure?

Take a few minutes to read the post – or follow the link at the end to listen to the entire message about A Proud Man and a Suffering Girl.


Intriguing, Thought-Provoking and Amusing

Even if you don’t watch golf on TV, you will probably enjoy this story from the Ryder Cup practice a couple of days ago.  An American heckler was challenged to put his putter where his mouth was after saying he could putt better than golf star Rory McIlroy and his Team Europe mates during a Ryder Cup practice round Thursday.  Before the players left the hole, Team Europe challenged the American to give it a go, with England’s Justin Rose sweetening the pot by dropping a $100 bill on the green.  Check out the story and video to watch what happened next!