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Eschatology is that segment of Theology that deals with what is often called the “end times” or more properly it is the study of the Doctrine of Last Things.  There are within the bounds of Christian thought a number of views of the “last days” — some of which are more accepted than others — and most of which can be a bit confusing.  The folks at Covenant Baptist Theological Seminary have made available for free a 17 lecture course on Eschatology taught by Dr. Sam Waldron, Professor of Systematic Theology, in which he will present an historic overview of the subject.  Each of the lectures is about an hour long.  I have not yet watched these lectures but they come recommended by the Monergism website which I have found to be very reliable.  Let me know if you watch them and what you think.

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Speaking of the last times, Christians are not the only ones who from time to time have had strange views of death, funeral customs, and how we are to think of and treat those who are deceased.   Here’s an account of the Ma’nene Festival in Indonesia among villagers who were pretty much unknown to the rest of the world until Dutch Missionaries discovered their existence in the 1970s.  Maybe you’ll want to pass this link on to your children!!

In Psalm 139:14 David raises these words of praise to the LORD:  I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.  Here’s some information that illustrates his point — Why Your Skin Goes Wrinkly in the Bath…


The nature of the Trinity is something that Christians often struggle to understand.  R.C. Sproul’s booklet, What is the Trinity?, is available in digital format for free on the Ligonier website in both epub and mobi formats.