A Moment of Personal Privilege

Today marks one month since the launching of this blogging website.  The statistical tracker that comes with the blogging software tells me that more than 325 “unique visitors” have stopped here during that time, though I’m not sure that I understand how it comes up with the numbers.  Nevertheless I want to thank all of you who have stopped by for a look – and especially those who have told others about the site through email, face book, your own website, etc.  I hope that the thoughts posted and the articles linked to have made you stop and think, have opened up your eyes to some of the wondrous works of our God, have helped you to grow as a Christian and have, at least on occasion, put a smile on your face.  I encourage you to register so that I can know that you’re reading the site and to post a comment now and again so that I can know what you have found to be particularly helpful or what you would like to know more about.  Over the next month or so I expect to be tweaking the format a bit to make it both more readable and easier to quickly scan what has been posted each day.  Let me know if you have other suggestions – thanks again.

The Christian Life

Is there a difference between a deception, a falsehood and a lie?  Do you ever regret the things you’ve said more than the things you’ve done?  Our world is always encouraging us to have a conversation about things, but is there ever a time when there is just too much talking?  These questions all have to do with what the Bible refers to as our “tongue.”  The following links take you to some articles that ask some hard questions, point out some very practical guidance and help us to better understand some of the terms that the Bible uses. They are not long, but definitely worth a look.

  1. The Sin of  Talking Too Much
  2. How to Tame Your Tongue
  3. Is It Ever OK for a Christian to Lie? (I thought this one was particularly good!)

A Bible Quiz

Do you have time today for another Bible Quiz – this one is only seven questions long and focuses on things that begin with the letter “T” (since we focusing on the tongue…)

Intriguing, Thought-Provoking and Amusing

Ever wish that there was an easier way to get around in an airport?  Chicago-based Kevin O’Donnell may have the answer to your prayers — the Modobag – though I caution you, it’s not cheap.