A Moment of Personal Privilege

I apologize that there have been no blog postings for some time.  We had a few days of vacation scheduled in the mountains of Tennessee with family that just happened to coincide with the arrival of hurricane Matthew.  As we were preparing to leave it was still somewhat unclear where Matthew was headed so we took several days bringing outside things inside – and preparing inside things for the possibility of damage – and finding important papers and the like to take with us as we were leaving.  Our home is in zone “B” and we did not have to evacuate (zone “A” was under a mandatory evacuation) but since we were leaving anyway we had to prepare as if we were being evacuated.  We also had to find a kennel in the mountains for our Great Dane since we were not sure how the local kennel would be able to handle the storm.  Traffic out of town was terrible from Columbia SC to Greenville SC because of the large-scale evacuation of Charleston.  Once we made it to North Carolina we thought it would be clear sailing – but for some reason the NCDOT decided this was a good time to pave I-40W between Asheville and the Tennessee line – took us two hours to go 13 miles.  No accidents, no breakdowns – just a terrible decision about when to pave an interstate.

Once there we had a great time at Dollywood with the family – it is a delightful place – not nearly as pretentious as other amusement parks we’ve been to and very, very family oriented.  No foul language was heard, people were polite, the park was clean and beautiful – I recommend it to you as well as the Barker Lounge kennel in Sevierville TN – nice folks and a well-kept facility.  We did all of this while keeping one eye on the weather channel/Myrtle Beach TV stations through their apps (a shout-out here to Verizon who gave everyone in the impacted areas unlimited text, phone calls and data during the storm and its aftermath).

We were unable to return home when our “vacation” time concluded so we ended up in Nashville with family for a few days.  Upon returning home our house was in good stead though it took a couple of days to clean up the mess in the yard and to unpack things that had been packed away “just in case.”  Several homes in our neighborhood suffered some damage and we had neighbors on our street who lost their cars when trees were uprooted and landed on them (one house lost three vehicles that one tree took out!).  Though the news cycle is now on to other things – the ongoing impact of Matthew continues in much of South and North Carolina.  The rivers are still very swollen from the rain of the hurricane and there are many folks still displaced because of the flooding.  You can help by making a donation to the Red Cross.

We should be back on schedule now for a new posting everyday – if you have ideas or thoughts for what you’d like to see, register and leave a comment.