binocularsNow that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are past, it might be a good time to settle down and read something interesting.  Here are several articles worth a look:

Tim Challies is an amazing reader and reviewer of Christian books.  In this posting he lists his top books in Christian publishing for 2016.  Read through his list and you might find something you want to buy for yourself, give to someone else or put on your Christmas “want” list.

Dan Brown writes fiction.  Back in 2003 his best-selling book The Da Vinci Code (I read it and enjoyed it – as fiction) was based on the old, old theory that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.  This “theory” pops up from time to time, gets debunked, goes away for a while and then pops up again.  If you have ever wondered about whether it is true or not give a quick read to Dr. Michael Kruger’s posting Was Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene?  Revisiting a Stubborn Conspiracy Theory.

Matthew’s Gospel quotes Jesus talking about having faith just the size of a mustard seed and that such faith can move mountains (Matt. 17:20), yet seldom – make that never – do we see mountains being moved.  Why?  Thomas Schreiner speaks to this in Why Doesn’t Our Faith Move Mountains?  where he gives us a better understanding of Matthew’s passage and the subject of faith.

Finally, if you are one of those folks who like using a devotional during the season of Advent you might enjoy the one that Nick Roark put together for his family this year.  It is well done and you can download it as either a pdf or a doc file – the Roark Family Advent Devotional.